Dear Madam/Sir,

I am glad to write this recommendation letter in support of Mr. Javier Galliano’s application for a position at the World Bank. In my opinion, Javier is one of the top Peruvian economists of his generation. He had a brilliant career at the Central Bank of Peru (BCRP) and is now a top advisor to the Minister of Economics and Finance. During my tenure as BCRP President, he was a close collaborator and provided invaluable insight during the preparation of my book on economic policy in developing countries.

Javier’s PhD thesis stresses that Peru’s best bet for sustained growth is investment in human capital. More generally, his work emphasizes the need for evaluation-based sectoral policies to ensure efficient resource allocation. Javier’s recommendations are invariably based on solid economic thinking and international experience. His confident use of hard evidence backed by solid theory makes him a very convincing and effective communicator.

Although we no longer work together, Javier keeps me posted about his participation as speaker at important international meetings. Recently he participated in two important conferences, one in Atlanta on competitiveness in the Western Hemisphere, and another in Kuala Lumpur on the need for sound evaluation in education policy design. I know he is in contact with education specialists at development banks based in Washington, DC.

Javier has informed me about the job he is applying for at the World Bank. I am convinced that he is gifted with superb professional, communication and teamwork abilities; and that working at the World Bank would provide him with a unique professional opportunity and a chance to become a key person in education policy worldwide.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.



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