Dear Sirs,

I am glad to introduce Mr. Jaime Cox to Harvard University’s Graduate Program in Economics. Mr. Cox is one of the most talented young Peruvian economists I have had the opportunity to meet. Currently he works under my conduction as a junior economist at the Global Economy Department of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP). I can provide assurances of his excellent academic skills, teamwork abilities, and high sense of responsibility. In this light, I highly recommend him for admission to your prestigious program.

I first met Mr. Cox when he joined the BCRP after graduating from the BCRP Summer Course in Economics at the top of his class. The Summer Course, a very competitive program attended by undergraduate-level students from all over country, is the BCRP’s tool for enrolling outstanding young economists. Driven by a deep interest in economics and a vocation for excellence, recently he enrolled in a graduate-level course in mathematics at Peru’s Catholic University. In spite of a demanding workload at the BCRP, to my best knowledge he remains at the top of his class.

Mr. Cox’s performance at work is outstanding. Especially, he has the ability to apply his theoretical background to better understanding global economic developments, the office’s core objective. He is confident, mature, and ready to respond to intellectual and professional challenges with determination. Not least, I should highlight his social skills and solid moral values.

For the above reasons I consider Mr. Cox to be amply qualified for pursuing graduate studies in economics successfully, and therefore I recommend him without reservation. Please feel free to contact me in case you require any further information.



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